Bootstrap LESS and CSS


Wow! I’ve been involved with Bootstrap and responsive design for a while now.

I loved bootstrap 2 and built lots of projects with it. Then came Bootstrap 3 with no easy migration path.

So I dug my heals in. Well I thought I’d give it a second look and was very impressed with its structure.

This has encouraged me to get into LESS. With LESS you create the CSS with a compiler. With LESS you can do things like:



@brand-primary: #9a6443;
@brand-success: #5cb85c;
@brand-info: #5bc0de;
@brand-warning: #f0ad4e;
@brand-danger: #d9534f;
@brand-secondary: #cdae51;

//** Background color for “.
@body-bg: #fff;
//** Global text color on “.
@text-color: @gray-dark;

//** Global textual link color.
@link-color: @brand-primary;
//** Link hover color set via `darken()` function.
@link-hover-color: darken(@link-color, 15%);

This is great for getting a consistent colour scheme

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